Documents Required for Housing Loan

18 Jan

You have found your house, you have learned that you can get a housing loan and if you are wondering what documents are required, you can find the answer under this heading, but we should also remind you that the required documents may vary according to the bank from which you will obtain the loan.

1) The application form required for the bank you are applying for a Housing Loan.

2) An identity card is required, but your driver’s license or passport will also be considered valid, just in case.

3) Your residence certificate obtained in the last 3 months or the latest dated natural gas, electricity, water, etc. registered in your name. invoice.

4) Proof of income

a) For paid employees; Payroll and its photocopy, A document signed by company executives stating that there is no restriction on your salary written on company letterhead. There may be differences between banks.

b) For self-employed persons; last tax plate and photocopy, activity certificate.

c) For retirees; A copy of the paycheck is required.

5) A photocopy of the condominium title deed or floor servitude of the house to be purchased is requested, and sometimes the facts must be shown.

After the necessary documents are obtained, the appraisal process for the house you want to buy takes place and your housing loan result is clear. It is useful to remind that these required documents are generally shown and may differ between banks.