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18 Jan

Documents Required for Housing Loan

You have found your house, you have learned that you can get a housing loan and if you are wondering what documents are required, you can find the answer under this heading, but we should also remind you that the required documents may vary according to the bank from which you will obtain the loan.

1) The application form required for the bank you are applying for a Housing Loan.

2) An identity card is required, but your driver’s license or passport will also be considered valid, just in case.

3) Your residence certificate obtained in the last 3 months or the latest dated natural gas, electricity, water, etc. registered in your name. invoice.

4) Proof of income

a) For paid employees; Payroll and its photocopy, A document signed by company executives stating that there is no restriction on your salary written on company letterhead. There may be differences between banks.

b) For self-employed persons; last tax plate and photocopy, activity certificate.

c) For retirees; A copy of the paycheck is required.

5) A photocopy of the condominium title deed or floor servitude of the house to be purchased is requested, and sometimes the facts must be shown.

After the necessary documents are obtained, the appraisal process for the house you want to buy takes place and your housing loan result is clear. It is useful to remind that these required documents are generally shown and may differ between banks.

18 Jan

Who Can Get a Housing Loan?

You have finally found the house of your dreams and you want to buy it immediately without missing out, but if you do not have any money saved, then if you are wondering if you can buy the house by using a housing loan and ask, “Do I meet the requirements for taking out a housing loan?” If you think so, let’s answer your questions together.


An adult who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and over the age of 18 is eligible to apply for a housing loan, but the upper age has been determined as 70 years. Being young can also increase your opportunities.
Your income must be documented. The banks from which you will obtain the housing loan ask you to show your income in a documented way. Even if you have a high income, you must document it. If you own your own business, you may be asked to show it as collateral.
Your financial history is evaluated during your Housing Loan application; If you need to open the financial history here, your credit score is created and evaluated by checking the order of your payments, whether you have a credit card or credit debt before.
You have to pay the down payment of the amount you request for the Housing Loan. The amount of collateral, which was determined as 25% in the previous period, has been reduced to 20% as of 2016. While the housing loan is calculated as 80%, the down payment amount is calculated as 20%.
The appraisal, which is accepted by the bank as an independent evaluator, is assigned to your application, the appraisal building age, rental cost, etc. It prepares a report about the house by looking at the features. This report is effective in determining the housing price.
The monthly loan installment of the Housing Loan amount you will withdraw should not exceed 50% of your documentable salary.
You must provide the documents required by the bank you will apply for a Housing Loan.
You can find out other questions you are wondering about by contacting the bank from which you will obtain a Housing Loan.

18 Jan

Housing Loan

You have finally found that magnificent house of your dreams, where you will embark on a new adventure in your life, you are tired of postponing some things and you set your mind to buy this house, but if you do not have a savings, this may seem impossible, but you don’t have to worry, HOUSING LOAN comes to your rescue here.


Housing Loan is a type of loan that allows you to buy the house of your dreams.

With the Mortgage law that became law in 2007, all housing loans were included in the scope of mortgage. Now, instead of paying rent to the landlord, you can get the house you want by paying your monthly loan amount to the bank from which you got the loan. The house you will buy is secured and financial support is provided by the banks.


A new solution is coming to the decline in housing sales due to housing prices and loan interest rates.

According to the latest statement, it is said that as of 2023, there will be GRADUAL INTEREST for income in housing loans.


Interest rates will vary according to the income group, so interest rates are expected to be 0.65-1.20.

While the loan term can be extended to a maximum of 10 years, it is on the agenda that it will be extended to 15 years with this new interest program.